Woh Apna Sa 6th October 2017 Full Episode 186

Video watch online Woh Apna Sa 6th October 2017 today latest new full Episode 186 Of Zee Tv drama serial Woh Apna Sa complete show Episodes by Zee Tv. watch Woh Apna Sa Episode 186 Online.
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Telecast Date: 6th October 2017
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Woh Apna Sa 6th October 2017 Written Updates

Scene 1
Samar hits Adi. He falls down. Jhanvi runs after Adi. He grasps her and says Adi is gone. I am your today he was your yesterday. She says I hate you don’t dare touching me. She shoves him and runs towards Adi. Jhanvi screams everywhere for help. Samar and Nishar are looking from above. Jhanvi screams and cries for help.
Jhanvi says Adi please open your eyes. Adi opens his eyes. Nisha says this is all your fault. you took my kids and adi from me. They were mine. Because of you Adi is in this situation. Why did you become his wife. Samar says Jhavni is only mine. She won’t be Adi’s anymore. Jhanvi picks up Adi and takes him towards the car. Samar shoves adi away and grasps Jhanvi. She says don’t touch me. I hate you. You thought I would come to you if you do

 this to my husband. I hate you. He says you are making a mistake. Adi is gone. I won’t let you be his. Jhanvi runs towards Adi. Nisha tries to go them but a fire surrounds them. Nisha can’t come close to them. Nisha says see your Devi ma has also made things difficult for you.
Nisha says Adi wont be yours ever. I will be Adi’s widow and you are just a third woman. Adi says Jhanvi is mine and I am Jhanvi’s. You have no space in my life. I love Jhanvi. Even when I die Jhanvi will still be my love. Jhanvi says nothing would happen to you.
Nisha shoots Jhanvi. Adi screams her name. Jhanvi falls down.
Nisha says she will die Adi. Come to me. Adi holds Jhanvi. Nisha says Adi stay away from her or I will shoot you too. Adi caresses Jhavni’s face. Nisha shoots Adi as well.
Adi and Jhanvi are covered in blood. They hug each other. Adi closes his eyes. He recalls their moments together. The song Hamari Adhuri Kahani. They recall their wedding and all the moments spent together. Jhanvi rests her head on his chest. She dies as well.
They both die.

Scene 2
Adi and Jhanvi’s funeral is going on. Chini is making their photo wear garland. Nisha comes there. Babasa says don’t dare entering this house.
Raj says no more drama. Get out of here. Nisha says I know I have hurt you all. I don’t want any drama either. I just came to meet my Adi. Want to do pooja for him. Trust me it was very difficult for me too. With Adi I will have to see this other woman Jhanvi’s face too. Please dont’ stop me today. I am Adi’s wife. His widow. You can’t stop me from praying for him. Babasa says you ruined his life. You took his life. No matter what you say we all know you killed him no matter what you potray otherwise. Kakasa says get out of here. She says shut up. You can’t ask me to go from here. We were not divorced. I am his widow. I have right to live in this house. Everything he has was mine. No one can stop me from living here.
She sits in front of his picture and prays. Babasa says you no right on this house. Adi knew what would you do so he named everything on my name a few days ago. Chini says to Nisha go from here. We don’t need you. You will pay for your sins and my Jhanvi ma and apap will come back. We hate you.

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