Woh Apna Sa 2nd October 2017 Full Episode 182

Video watch online Woh Apna Sa 2nd October 2017 today latest new full Episode 182 Of Zee Tv drama serial Woh Apna Sa complete show Episodes by Zee Tv. watch Woh Apna Sa Episode 182 Online.
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Telecast Date: 2nd October 2017
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Woh Apna Sa 2nd October 2017 Written Updates

Scene 1
Nisha comes to Adi. He is dazed to see her. Adi is fainting. She asks people for help. She takes Adi to room.
Jhanvi says where is my phone? Kaki asks her if she has seen her phone? Jhanvi says I can’t find mine either. I have to talk to adi. She picks landline but it is dead as well.
Samar says in heart no one can save your adi now. You and I will be one real soon.

Nisha makes Adi lie on bed. She lies next to him in his arms. She says I really like it. Last time being close to you. I stayed away from you one day i really missed you. Now you are going forever. i will miss you. Lets make few memories before you leave. Let me take a photo. She takes a selfie with him lying on him. She says open your eyes this looks like our honeymoon. He throws her phone in subconsciousness.

 Jhanvi receives a courier. She asks the postman if he can lend his phone. He gives her but Adi’s phone is off. She calls in the hotel where convention is. nisha takes out her knife. She says you always take her name, you were never mine. She says why are you going after Jhanvi. Why you want to live with her. She kisses him and says I love you.
She kisses his hand and face. Nisha is about to slit his wrist. She is about to slit his wrist.

Jhanvi is on her way to hotel. Raj calls her and says his phone and wallet is in hotel. Nisha slits his wrist. Adi’s hand bleeds. He screams with pain. She says don’t worry I am here. I won’t hurt for long. She says I will have to live with your memories. She says what will you gift me? Fill my hairline one last time. but I don’t have sindur. She says fill it with your blood. She fills her hairlines with his blood and adi shoves his hand. She says adi why are you doing this with me. You know that I love you. I want to live with you forever. I am your wife. Open your eyes. She says you don’t wanna live with me right? you wanna live with her right? I will kill you. If you are not mine you won’t be anyone else’. She says no one else can have you now because you will die. Nisha loves you.

Jhanvi comes to Adi’s room and screams. She shoves Nisha away. Jhanvi says adi oh God. Someone bring doctor please. She says adi please open your eyes. She ties his hand with her dupatta. Nisha says you would be okay. Please open your eyes. Nisha is screaming and crying.

Scene 2
Adi opens his eyes in home. He smiles. Everyone is worried for him. He says why are you crying? I am okay. Doctor says you are lucky she came on right time and saved your life. She gave you right first aid. He says my wife is a superhero. She comes to save me from troubles everytime. Doctor says he needs a lot of rest.
Kaki says keep lying. Jhanvi sits next to him. He says if you weren’t there I would have.. She says I really love you. We can’t live here. We will leave once you get okay. He says my Jhanvi doesn’t give up. she will fight everything. She says your life is more important that everything. For a moment I thought I would lose you. He says you and my family are here. Nothing would happen. She says we can’t take Nisha lightly. She would do anything. Her mom said that too. He says I ignored everything. I thought nothing would happen. I will fix all this promise. Nothing would happen to anyone.

Adi says you informed police? She says yes.. Jhanvi says yes she is a criminal she belongs to jail. How can she kill someone she claims to love. He says don’t think about all that. She has no room for humanity. She should be in jail. Don’t think abut her. Jhanvi says she will pay for her sins. He says give me water please. Jhanvi gives him water. He says its for you. he makes her drink water.
Nisha sees the news of attack on Adi. She runs from there. Nisha says you are alive Adi. If you were alive I would have happily gone to jail but not now. That Jhanvi has to die.
Inspector tells Adi nisha has thrown her sim away. He says we will catch her soon. Adi says please that’s very important. He says I will let you know as soon as possible. Jhanvi says i don’t have to worry. i want to go on a holiday. Where we can be together. He says how romantic. She says where will we go? Goa? He says we can go anywhere you want.

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