Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 1st October 2017 Full Episode 160

Video watch online Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 1st October 2017 today latest new full Episode 160 of Star Plus drama serial Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji complete show Episodes by Star Plus. watch Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji Episode 160 online.
Video Source: Dailymotion
Telecast Date: 1st October 2017
Video Owner: Star Plus

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 1st October 2017 Written Updates

The latest episode started with, Palomi inquires as to whether drain is prepared. Maasi says yes and in the event that she serves gyaani Balbrahmachariji, she will be remunerated. Palomi says she isn’t yet compensated well. Maasi says her arrangement will now and shows reptile.

Palomi asks in what capacity will it get Kanak front of Balbrahmachariji. Maasi approaches to send drain for both Uma and Balbrahmachariji. Sevika enters. Maasi shrouds reptile and sends drain by means of her. Palomi says they need to serve drain for Shiv. Maasi says Kanak will and includes reptile in drain. Kanak strolls into kitchen. Maasi acts that she was contemplating her and makes a request to serve drain to Shiva and leaves with Palomi. Kanak picks drain utensil and frenzies seeing reptile in it. She runs out. Suman comes back from exam and says her exam is done, sees Kanak strained and asks what happened.

Kanak says drain served to Uma and Balbrahmachariji is toxic and she needs to prevent them from expending it as it is Uma’s life’s issue, so she will soften administers and go up front of Balbrahmachariji.

 At Saras’ companion’s wedding, have reports lady of the hour’s sibling and sister’s move. They move on London thumakda… melody. Vansh envisions him and Kanak moving and moves remaining alongside Saras. Saras asks what’s happening with he. Vansh says it is his main tune and he adores his sister a ton. Saras says all siblings are same, even her dadusa/Uma loes her a great deal. Vansh inquires as to whether she won’t move. She says not on dingy melody. Vansh inquires as to whether his family young lady is hitched in her home. She says then that young lady ought to overlook amusement. He inquires as to whether her family moves on bhajan.

She says he will find in 2 minutes and moves on society melody pallo latke o mharo pallo latke. Vansh gets 2 glasses of juice and blends a tablet in Saras’ glass. After move, individuals adulate Saras. She slips and Vansh spares her through seat. She says he would have held and spared her as opposed to pulling seat towards her. He says she overlooked that she cautioned him not to touch her and thought he is Casanova, he wouldn’t like to lose her. She gets bashful. He gives her juice. She beverages and feels sleepy. He inquires as to whether she is fine and strolls behind her.

Kanak strolls into Balbrahmachariji’s room while he and Uma are ruminating. She picks drain plate and drops light on floor by botch. Floor bursts into flames and she yells. Balbrahmachariji and Uma open eye. Balbrahmachariji yells he is offended, this egotistical lady went into his room and spoilt his Balbrahmachari vrat/quick. Uma apologizes him and solicitations to excuse. Kanak says she didn’t do anything incorrectly, however does not advise she was attempting to spare them from harmed drain.

Balbrahmachariji yells she spoilt even his body by taking a gander at it and her voice… Kanak rehashes she didn’t do anything, she was..Uma says not a solitary word now. Balbrahmachariji says there is discipline for botch. A man brings sadhvi’s dress and Uma offers it to Kanak and says she needs to serve Balbrahmachariji as sadhvi entire life. Kanak inquires as to whether he is giving up his better half so effortlessly. He says as of now advised her not to come before his master and wipes her sindhoor. Palomi escapes her creative energy when Maasi calls and says she was imagining in regards to their triumph and Uma yielding Kanak. Maasi says she h as influenced all game plans and Kanak to will be out of Uma’s life. Kanak strolls into Balbrahmachariji’s room noiselessly and strolls with drain quietly, a vase drops and she gets strained.

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