“Priyanka Chopra is right…Of course the casting couch exists in Bollywood” Pahlaj Nihalani, promises to name the ‘repeat offenders’

When Priyanka Chopra spoke up about the Weinstein element being prevalent everywhere including Bollywood, producer and former chairperson of the censor board Pahlaj Nihalani totally concurred with our global star.

“Priyanka is right. There are Harvey Weinsteins in Bollywood too. They continue to exploit hapless strugglers because they are not held liable for their dirty deeds. This is the time to expose them. I am not talking about actresses who do what they do to establish a foothold in the industry. I am talking about aspiring actors and actresses being forced to offer sexual favours in exchange for job opportunities. Bollywood has a very clear list of offenders who misuse their position,” says Nihalani whose new film Julie 2 which he is presenting and distributing, is about the casting couch in Bollywood.

Appalled that actresses have not come forward to name these offenders Nihalani now intends to shout out their names at a public press conference. “But for that we need victims to come forward. We are in the process of getting together voices of the victims to speak up publicly. The time to nail the Harvey Weinsteins of Bollywood is now,” says Nihalani, determined to see this through and unafraid of libellous attacks.

“I’ve always sided with the truth. When you have that on your side you’ve nothing to fear,” says Nihalani.

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