Kasam 26th September 2017 Full Episode 398

Video watch online Kasam 26th September 2017 today latest new full Episode 398 of Colors Tv drama serial Kasam complete show Episodes by Colors Tv. watch Kasam Episode 398 online.

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Kasam 26th September 2017 Written Update

The latest episode started with, In court, Abhi’s legal counselor Batra says to Rishi in witness box that you cleared out Tanuja 7 years back and didnt know she was pregnant on the grounds that you and your family didnt tend to her, Rishi says that is a lie, Batra says that is valid, he says to judge that you are a lady and knows a lady could never abandon her inlaws till she is compelled to desert house and reason it enthusiastic badgering and battles and his significant other left since she was not glad, he couldnt keep her cheerful.

Rishi says I cherished her lone, she never conversed with me and kept things far from me. Tanu yells that I attempted to disclose to you ordinarily yet you never trusted me. Rishi says you could have let me know everything and would have cooperated and would be as one today. Abhi says keep past in past. Rishi says they are stating in regards to display

be that as it may, I have a feeling that I am as yet standing where I was 7 years back, I didnt get the opportunity to hold my girl, I couldnt influenced her to learn walk, what 7 years you are discussing? I concur that mother can never be supplanted, a mother has put in child’s life that can never be taken away however shouldn’t something be said about father? you kept him away like he didn’t be anything, dont overlook that my blood is running in her, mom weeps for her girl however father gets hurt as well, I need to go to my little girl consistently, I need to make rest each night.. I didnt know I had a little girl however that doesnt influence me poor to father, on the off chance that I was aware of Natasha then wouldnt I cherish her?  allow father to fulfill his girl, to love her like a father, let me be her dad, he argues judge.

Batra sees Rishi prevailing upon everybody and begins acting like he has heart assault, Judge says court is dismissed for next date, she takes off. Abhi comes to Rishi and says content for enthusiastic dramatization was decent. Rishi says I was conversing with Tanu on the grounds that we dont talk regularly, everything is clear, its me who is losing everything, just me. He tragically takes a gander at Tanu and takes off.

Mittal says to Raj that Rishi have awed entire court, he wiped all his charges with his tears, this will be to support us, we simply require a proof that we can deal with Natasha more than Natasha, Rano says completely. Rishi says no she is a mother, it’s not possible for anyone to have her spot, it wont be on the whole correct to demonstrate something to that effect.

Naitra is sitting in court, judge is leaving yet observes her. She says I never favored one side yet individuals charge that I bring sides with ladies however for first time I have seen an agony of a father, there is something incorrectly in Rishi’s life, some mystery you have concealed which obliterated his life and you likewise recognize what that mystery is, it will decimate his life more, she scowls at her and takes off. Rishi comes there, Naitra is strained, Rishi says gives up.

Naitra returns home with Rishi and inquires as to whether he needs something? he says yes I require Tanuja.. he says I am sad, I need Tanu.. he takes off. Naitra imagines that I adored distinctive Rishi, he was cheerful and grinning yet today Rishi is broken.

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