Chandra Nandini 28th September 2017 Full Episode 256

Video watch online Chandra Nandini 28th September 2017 today latest new full Episode 256 of Star Plus drama serial Chandra Nandini complete show Episodes by Star Plus. watch Chandra Nandini Episode 256 online.

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Chandra Nandni 28th September 2017 Written Update

The latest episode started with, Elis and Bindusara honing swords,Bindusara says well done Elis,you are exceptionally good,dharma strolls in and approaches Elis did you call me for a massage,Elis sees her and recalls Kartikeya saying he doesn’t love her,Bindusara recollects Helina says Nandini recommended bhadras name,Elis says yes I called you,not to rub my head yet my foot,and keeps her leg on dhramas lap,Bindusara asks Elis what’s that damage on your hand,Elis believes this is a result of this dharma and I will give her everything the agony back and says my bangle broke and I harmed myself.

Elis yells in torment and says she squeezed it so hard,dharma says however I didn’t,Elis says am I lying at that point and says in the event that it was greek I wouldn’t have saved you,Bindusara asks what might you do in Greek,Elis says hit her with hunter,Bindusara

makes a request to get hunter,Bindusara has helinas words that Nandini proposed Bhadra,and requests that Elis hit dhrama,Nandini stops Elis and pulls the hunter,and says this isn’t done Bindusara, Bindusara says you cannot conflict with the tenets since she calls you ma,and she is dasi and she did wrong,Nandini says I would have remained for any dasi here,and these all individuals are first people and in the event that you would be rebuffed along these lines how might you fell and if Magad recommend such guidelines I contradict it,Bindusara asks and who are you,Nandini says Magads ruler Nandini,Bindusara says you are a murderer,Nandini says I have revealed to you ordinarily that I didn’t execute your mother,Bindusara says how would you realize that, you have a memory misfortune, or is this every one of the a demonstration as well.

 Nandini says for the present how about we not talk about that in light of the fact that the issue is different,Bindusara says it is identified with me Is that not genuine that you pick Bhadra against me,I know why you are here,first my mom and afterward me yet I won’t let this happen and leaves,Elis takes after him,dharma says mama for what reason did you do this, and battle with him,Nandini says I’m not vexed on the grounds that he battled with me but rather he has so much disdain and I continue figuring what would i be able to do to drag him on right track. Helina persuades Bindusara for wedding and says for purpose of Elis,Chitra says no I won’t wed Bindusara,Helina says for purpose of Elis, if Kartikeya weds again and Elis needs to confront any hardships,as Chitra will be here,elis won’t need to go into any hardships,Chitra continues denying however Champa lord doesn’t agree.chitra says mama please converse with pitahshree ,mama says you cannot pick your husband,you need to wed Bindusara,Chitra says no I won’t.

Dhrama says mama come I will dress you, Nandini says I have constantly dress you and even today I should come.Elis wedding customs take place,Elis recalls Kartikeya and dhrama,Nandini requests that Dhrama join however Elis says she won’t,and says Nandini mama you are a piece of Royal family yet dhrama isn’t and in the event that she stays I might leave,dharma says I’m sad I should take your leave,Nandini says stop dhrama I didn’t ask you to leave,Helina says Nandini what are you doing,Nandini says Elis is my girl as well and I’m doing this for her great.

Nandini says brahman is dependably a more prominent than a king,in Magad likewise maharaj Chandragupta has constantly given his master acharya Chanakya dependably a higher status am I wrong master ma,guru mama says no maharani,Elis leaves in anger,Helina stops her and says not presently, for the present concentrate on the rituals,the customs occur.

Chandra requests that Nandini apply him Kajal tikka ,Nandini says however ladies do it and not men,Chandra says you generally continue featuring at me so as a safeguard do it and even today numerous ladies are behind me,Nandini says affirm and applies kajal on his nose,and begins snickering and says now in what manner will ladies take a gander at you,Chandra gets resentful and clears out.

Chitra in tears and is missing Bhadra,dhrama strolls to her and asks what’s wrong,and for what good reason are you not ready,is all good,stay here I should call your mother,Chitra says stop don’t call anybody, no one but you can help me now,not even my parents,remember you spared your companion from binudsara spare me too,because I would prefer not to wed him.elis prepares. Helina says you are so delightful today that he should overlook his last and will be all yours,Elis says yes mama the day is mine now. Kartikeya is getting ready,Champa ruler says recollect this wedding is for Champa and after that you.

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