Bigg Boss 11 October 8 2017 Written Update: Salman Khan’s Weekend Ka Vaar Continues As Priyank Gets Eliminated

Last night was a hard one for the contestants of Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 11, as Salman demanded Priyank to leave the house amid much chaos. With Priyank, stood Vikas Gupta and Aakash  Dadlani as the accused. The episode continues on from there. You can follow the live updates right here.

Hina claims that she will leave the house if Priyank does. Priyank is called to the Confession Room. Sapna meanwhile enforces her tyranny when speaking to Arshi and isn’t afraid of leaving. Priyank is asked to leave straight from a door in the confession room. Zubair falls seriously ill suddenly and Salman clarifies that he is under medical observation. Salman also added that he is much better now. Salman Khan laments the inmates to be happy about Priyank’s elimination.

Salman Khan announces the new fighting task that the inmates must perform in the ring. And chooses Arshi and Sapna to battle it out first. Though they cannot use their hands and legs, they must verbally advocate themselves. Arshi and Sapna go at each other, however quite civilly. Everyone is amused by the answers Arshi gives, consequently also cheering for Sapna. Salman then leaves the verdict of Round 1 upon the inmates. Most of them voted (whistled) for Sapna. Sapna wins the first round. The next was the physical round, where the two would use cushioned staffs to push each other off of the plank. Sapna wins again. The score is 2-0. The last round remains. But the twist here is that the two will have to be blindfolded for this one. Sapna wins again. As they come, Shilpa encourages Arshi to pick up the mic that she’s thrown. Arshi even steps on the mic. She yells at her asking her to accept that it is her fault. The rest of the inmate are basking in Arshi’s loss.

Salman Khan introduces Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty who come to the show for the promotion of their upcoming film Golmaal Again. They talk about the film, and also about the success that was Khatron Ke Khiladi. Following that, Rohit introduces another stunt. Music will be playing in the ears of the one weaing a headphone, and the other will be guessing. Ajay Devgn tries the first time but fails to recognise Salman’s word. Salman, in turn, manages to recognise Ajay Devgn’s. Ajay the second time manages to. And after that Salman Khan does so too. Salman wins. Meanwhile, Bigg Boss gives the inmates a task to ignore the cast of Golmaal Again who enter the house and try to break communicate with everyone. Shreyas Talpade gifts Vikas a rope to keep his hands tied. Arshi gets a soap from Parineeti Chopra to wash her mouth. The task ends and everyone starts dancing with the contestants and have a good time. They later also come on the stage to join Ajay and Rohit with Salman. Even Tabu joins them all. Salman asks them on a task as well. They are then seen dubbing a clip of the contestants in the Bigg Boss house and it is absolutely hilarious. The Golmaal Again team then exits.

In the next sequence, Salman then calls a handful of cute kids in uniforms who come and ask them to dance. The following sequence is an adorable one as Salman is seen doing his signature Jag Ghoomeya step with the kids on stage. Salman then introduces them to the contestants and the vigour of the kids seem to have lightened the mood in the house, and so it does. The kids then leave after a good fun session. Arshi then declares she will not be indifferent with everyone and says sorry to everyone. She hugs it out with Hina and Vikas.

Salman Khan then moves on to the padosis and schools them on their preparation on their alternate avatars that they will take inside the house. Seeing their lack of progress, Salman Khan moves on to the announcement of the eliminated one on the show. Salman gives Jyoti and Bandigi a scare, and announces that Zubair is the one who’s already outside. Salman confirms that there remain only 12 contestants in the house and soon the padosis will join to make it 16 contestants in the house.

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