Bigg Boss 11 Mehjabi Siddiqui accuses Arshi Khan of spitting in the food and all hell break loose

Bigg Boss 11 Mehjabi Siddiqui accuses Arshi Khan of spitting in the food and all hell break loose

Things got even more interesting inside the Bigg Boss house this week. There were nominations that caused a havoc, especially because of the twist that came with it. The four padosis – Mehjabi Siddiqui, Luv Tyagi, Sabyasachi Satapathy and Lucinda Nicholas, who were residing in the adjacent house ever since the season began finally made their way to the main house during the nominations. Vikas Gupta, Hina Khan, Sshivani Durga and Sapna Choudhary found themselves in the danger zone, but then the padosis had an advantage wherein they could nominate one more person from the rest of the contestants. They nominated Jyoti Kumari and soon made their way to the main house from the confession room.

And as expected, things have started heating up with the presence of padosis in the Bigg Boss house. For those of you who have joined late, these padosis have to pretend to be a family in front of the other housemates. This is their key to survive inside house as they won’t be eliminated till the point the other contestants do not come to know that they are not related to each other.

So all this was the warm up, but all hell broke loose when Mejabi and Sabyasachi were in the kitchen making breakfast. Arshi came and started making her own food thereby disturbing them. This irked Mehjabi, who walked out of the kitchen and went to bedroom and started complaining about Arshi to Luv and Hina Khan, who were there.

Mehjabi accused Arshi of spitting in the tea, and this is when their fight intensified and both the ladies started shouting their lungs out. Well, we were expecting this, weren’t we?

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