Bigg Boss 11: Do you feel Hina Khan is instigating Priyank Sharma to create more trouble?

Do you feel what Hina is doing is right?


Bigg Boss 11 saw a rather volatile episode tonight. Priyank Sharma was at the receiving end of Salman Khan’s barbs for raking up Arshi Khan’s past sex scandals inside the house. The former MTV Splitsvilla contestant got flayed by the superstar host by spreading dirt inside the house. He told him that it was unfair that he went around and spoke about Khan’s past to the housemates. ICYMI, Arshi’s name came up in a couple of prostitution raids in Pune and Goa. The mention of the incident left Khan visibly distressed. Priyank was admonished for getting so personal inside the house. Salman told him that he had utilised his time outside the house badly to dig out dirt about people.

Priyank was left in tears and went to the garden where he wiped his tears. Hina Khan hugged him, consoling him she said that he needed to be strong and they would teach a lesson to Arshi in due time with their own methods. Seconds before, Priyank had hugged Arshi and tried to forget. Do you feel that Hina’s stance is slightly revengeful? Many might feel that she is instigating Priyank to fight more jeopardising his place inside the house. The Delhi boy’s return has been liked by all, mostly by Benafsha Soonawalla and Vikas Gupta.

So, do you feel that Hina was trying to create more trouble for Priyank? Take our poll and let us know…

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