Bigg Boss 11 5th October 2017 Full Episode 5

Video watch online Bigg Boss 11 5th October 2017 today latest new full Episode 5 Of Colors Tv drama serial Bigg Boss 11 complete show Episodes by Colors Tv. watch Bigg Boss 11 Episode 5 Online.
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Telecast Date: 5th October 2017
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Bigg Boss 11 5th October 2017 Written Updates

Day 3 (continued)
Shilpa says to Arshi that Benafsha was laughing infront of Vikas when he was cursing me, he was threatening me that he will fight me once I leave this house, how can he kill person who is already dead.. she says he has tortured me so much. She cries. Arshi says dont cry. Shilpa says I am so happy that is getting tortured now.

Vikas says to Shilpa that you are use curse thats related to mother, have some shame, you are a woman but that doesnt mean you can do anything. Arshi asks him to calm down. Vikas says she is cursing my mother. he asks Shilpa why she is cursing his mother? Zubair asks her to have atleast little shame. Vikas says to Arshi that dont say weird things, please move back from this matter, Arshi leaves. Shilpa starts leaving. Vikas she will

act like crying now. Arshi tries to go behind her but Vikas says if you go behind her then I wont spare you in this game. Arshi stops.

Shilpa says to Sapna that life is a full circle, what goes around comes around.

Hina asks inmates who think Shilpa is instigating him? Aakash says I think so. Vikas says you think before you speak, will you like it if I sing and curse you mother? aakash says no.Vikas says then dont say rubbish. Aakash asks him not to show big eyes. Priyank asks him to shut up.

Sapna says they will calm down. Shilpa says Sapna that they can bark all night but will get tired soon.

Shilpa lies in her bed. Vikas says I wont let her sleep, I will figure out something. He gets an idea. He brings dishes and spoons and starts making noise so she cant sleep. Hina supports him and says shame shame. Hina says its wrong if you people dont take stand now. Vikas says cursing mother is wrong. Hina asks Shilpa to end this by saying sorry. Shivani comes and sits beside Shilpa on bed, she asks her to say sorry, Shilpa says why? I was just singing, I will keep singing, its a song bhagmati ke bolti. Shivani stares at her. Vikas says I wont let her sleep.

Bandagi wakes Puneesh up. Shilpa goes to sleep. Shivani is sitting on her bed. She glares at Shilpa and keeps staring at her, her poster like she is doing some magic. Zubair says to Priyank that this woman is mad. Puneesh says she stared at her for 15minutes without a wink, this is not funny, I am scared now, I fear this thing the most. Priyank says Shivani is making Shilpa fine, she is positive. Shilpa wakes up and looks at Shivani but Shivani looks at her, they stare at each other. Benafsha says to Vikas that Shivani blew on her. Vikas says on camera that what is happening in this house? she is a baba, she was staring at her and Shilpa is now possessed. Shilpa and Shivani keep staring at each other.

Neighbors are making family tree of their story and how they are going to tell it. Sabyasachi says to Lucinda that we cant go in that house till we are not in character all the time, she says yes. Luv discusses story with Lucinda. Luv says MP and Lucinda was in relationship but we didnt know about it, Mehjabi says I am 42 years old in story.

Day 4
All inmates wake up and dance to song gulabo. Arshi dances, Zubair hoots at her. Shilpa is staring at everyone. Zubair dances. Arshi and Shilpa dances around Zubair to tease him. Shivani is dancing too. Zubair says I didnt sleep at night, I swear on my mother, I couldnt sleep, I will make this Arshi and Shilpa cry now.

Aakash and Puneesh says to Benafsha that Shivani suddenly woke at night and kept staring at Shilpa. Puneesh says you dont know what she is, Benafsha says she doesnt react but I know she is dangerous. Benafsha says then they kept staring at each other.

Shivani is in washroom and says to camera that we dont get provoked suddenly, we are calmer but people should know that we are not Gods and human so dont poke us unnecessarily otherwise we have other ways of dealing.

Benafsha says to Shivani that you look upset. She says yes I am off. Shivani is in tears. Benafsha asks what happened baby? Shivani says I stared at her because she stared at me but Puneesh made it such an issue like I was doing something. Shivani cries, Benafsha hugs her and consoles. Shivani says they shouldnt spread things which I didnt do, I didnt blow any mantra at her. Benafsha says puneesh is saying rubbish, he doesnt have right to say all this. Hina brings water for her. Shivani says I didnt do anything, it was neutral.

Shilpa reads new challenge, it will be done by Hina, Arshi and Puneesh. Hina will have to catch four hens and put them in cage. Challenge is that Hina will catch hens but will be blindfolded, other two will guide the blindfolded person towards hens so they can be caught, they have to tell blindfolded person directions. Arshi says it will be fun. Shilpa says Puneesh and Arshi will guding.. I mean guiding.. my english is not strong. Hina says I will read it once more. She reads again but Shilpa says I was asked to read it, you cant read it. Hina says its not like that. Shilpa says I will explain again, Hina says its my right to read it, your duty to was to fetch this letter and read it to inmates and you have done it, I can read it at any time, its my choice, when you are done then let me know. Hina says to Shilpa that I have problem to read myself. Hina says to Shilpa that if you want to talk privately then talk. Shilpa says this is not a private show, there is nothing private here. Hina asks her to listen. Shilpa says I have no grudge against you, Hina says why you are shouting? Shilpa says I talk like that, Hina says then dont talk. Hina says you dont even know how to read in Hindi, talk to world now.

Luv asks how much time it will take to win? Sabyasachi says give them 7minutes? Luv says give them 6:22seconds.

Hina, Puneesh and Arshi comes to activity area. Hina is blindfolded. Arshi and Puneesh guides her to catch hens. Arshi asks her to take

Luv says we told them right time, its good.

Shilpa asks Vikas to tell her treatment for madness. Vikas says I dont want to talk to you, are a mad woman. Shilpa says dont touch me. Vikas says I dont want to talk about your personal life. Vikas moves away from Shilpa and sits in Hiten’s lap. Shilpa copies his style, he says sit here now,you are copying me? Hiten asks Vikas to go washroom and she wont copy there, all laugh.

Luv calls home, Shilpa takes call. Luv says you cooked last day, send that again, it was good. Shilpa says whats your name? your voice is nice, Luv says I cant tell. He says send sabzi, roti, rice and pulse, she jokes if he wants briyani too? he says if you want, she ends call. Luv says she said she liked my voice, Mehjabi laughs.

Vikas reads next task, it will be done by Priyank, Jyoti and Sapna. In this challenge, they have to make a cockatoo learn how to talk. Jyoti has to make him learn who is useless. Sapna will make him learn who is stupid. Priyank will make him learn who is loudster, they can take anyone’s name for it.
Neighbors says how much time we can give them? Mehjabi says give them less time for it. Luv says give them 12seconds.

Activity starts. Priyank, Jyoti and Sapna are infront of a cockatoo. Jyoti says Aakash is useless, she keeps repeating it. Sapna says Jyoti is stupid. Priyank looks on. Jyoti keeps repeating. Priyank says Sapna is loud speaker, cockatoo doesnt speak. Sapna says he is dumb. Neighbors laugh. Big boss says time ended for task.

Shilpa is cooking. Arshi asks her to cook all roties. Shilpa says no I will make for neighbors, Shivani wants to cook for inmates. Shivani says let Shilpa finish, I have asked her to cook in morning but I will cook in evening, I can talk to neighbors, she says to Hiten that we get late to cook in evening so I will cook. Hina comes there and pushes Shilpa’s things aside. Shilpa says we didnt ask Shivani to not come here. Arshi says this is madness. Shivani comes to cook. Shivani says dont call me mad, I know you well. Arshi says everyone knows you too. Shivani starts cooking and says they have to know me. Arshi says focus on others. Hina and Shivani starts cooking. Arshi is collecting food for neighbors. Hina says dont touch me.

Hina says to inmates that waste food. Bandagi says I cant eat stale food. Hina asks why did they make khidchi? she didnt ask anyone, we wont bear this military rule. Hiten says she didnt ask anyone. Hina says sabzi was decided to be made. Shilpa and Arshi cant decide for anyone, they have to ask everyone. Zubair says dont spare them now, this is not my style.

Puneesh says to Arshi that Hina have gone mad, she is nervous of you Arshi, Arshi says she is conscious.

Hina says this is very bad.

Shilpa and Arshi says to Vikas that Shivani doesnt want anyone in kitchen when she is cooking. Zubair says Shilpa and Arshi are crossing limits, I can tell where you have come from. Arshi says what happened? Puneesh says we will decide on table what to cook. Zubair says you cooked khidchi without asking anyone, dont mess with me because of food, he asks Arshi to not talk about Shivani like that, you are a filth on womenhood, you are 2rs woman, you are nothing, you dont want respect? Benafsha asks Zubair to stop it.Zubair says she doesnt deserve respect.

Shivani says to inmates that people are watching everything.

Shilpa says to Puneesh that you dont know what suddenly happened to Shivani.

Hina says to Zubair that I made you understand that we will talk with smile, we have to be together, two people cant rule everywhere, this wont work. Zubair says they are disrespecting everyone.

Benafsha says to Arshi that I condemned Zubair. Arshi says to camera that I request audience that men here are useless that they cant stop a man calling me *****, these are stars but be silent seeing girl being abused.

Arshi says to Shilpa that Hina is conscious of me.

Priyank says at table to everyone that Zubair that didnt curse me or Hina, Zubair says I respect them. Priyank says there must be reason for him to say all that.

Shilpa says I wont make food for everyone now not after what Shivani did, she cries. Arshi says Hina asked her to do it, we will not move from this room, we will silently eat, we will do our work. Shilpa says all are together so let them do it.

Shilpa and Arshi are laughing. Zubair says it wont provoke me. They laugh more.

Bigg boss gives challenge to Shilpa, Hiten and Vikas. They will be blindfolded and there will be an animal infront of them, they have to touch it and guess what that it. They come in activity area. Neighbors give them 11seconds to guess it. Bigg boss says to Shilpa, Hiten and Vikas that neighbors did this task in 11seconds. Shilpa says I am not scared of human so they are just animals. Box is placed with rats inside infront of Shilpa. Vikas asks her to touch and see what it is. Shilpa says I cant touch it. Vikas says atleast try. Shilpa says what if its rats? I cant do it, Bigg boss asks if thats final? she says yes. Vikas says what we will do now? A dog is placed infront of Vikas, he touches it and says its dog. A goat is placed infront of Hiten, he touches it and says its goat. Bigg boss asks them to leave. Hiten says we could have won if Shilpa touched it.

They come in house. Vikas says we did task in two seconds but Shilpa didnt do her task. Hina says Shilpa will be worst performer of this season. Vikas says it was easy to guess.

Shilpa says to Arshi and Puneesh that I wont do anything for luxury budget. Arshi says me too. Arshi says they will not get any luxury budget.

Bigg boss says to inmates that first luxury budget task ends and neighbors have won it winning 3 challenges out of 5. Neighbors have decided to keep luxury budget too. Neighbors dance hearing it. Puneesh says what will they do with it when we cook for them? all laugh. Sabyasachi brings luxury budget hamper.

Shilpa says to Arshi that Hina hugged Zubair, she is provoking wrong person.

Luv is discussing story with Mehjabi. Luv says to Mehjabi that I wont accept this. Sabyasachi says to Lucinda that I am being punished because I am just gay and I am one year younger than her, this is not right, he cries. Luv says to Sabyasachi this is happening because of you too. Sabyasachi says you can do a lot but it will never be enough, they all burst in laughing.

PRECAP- Tomorrow there will friday a Faisla. Arshi and Vikas break things in anger.
Hina says if Arshi touch me once more then she will be going out of house. Zubair says I am not scared of anyone’s father. Arshi and Vikas have a fight, Vikas pushes her with his body, Puneesh tries to stop him.
Tomorrow it will be decided who will be the first one to go to underground jail.

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